Friday, June 3, 2011

Update on the Family of RED DOGS that taught me a great lesson

ELLA was just adopted. This is her lovely new family. She has moved to Connecticut. And not a moment too soon. Hurricane season has just started and it is record-breaking BOILING HOT today here in New Orleans.

Remember Ella? She was one of the puppies from the previous post. "TRAPPED: A RAGS TO RICHES LOVE STORY" .

Here is a photo of ELLA on her first day here:

I personally learned so much from these three little red dogs.

Because they had no real contact with humans before we trapped them, we knew that it would be a bit of a challenge to get them comfortable with people. Having raised and prepared dozens of litters of puppies for adoption, I figured that when I started seeing certain signs, things were going to be A-OK.

And as I had kind of predicted and hoped for, they began to show those signs. They went from not even wanting to make eye contact with anyone to running up to greet me and see whether I had brought treats when visiting their kennel.

However these little guys fooled me. Their mix of breeds probably played a significant role. Being a mix of Chow and Akita, they were only like this when completely in their comfort zone around other dogs. I found this out when I brought one into my home to see how crate and potty training was going to go. The first one immediately panicked and tried to jump out a second floor window. Once the window was closed she continued to try, hitting the glass.

The second one growled at me.

My heart sank. I was going to have problems. Finding adoptive homes for puppies that growl and try to jump out windows is not an easy task. perhaps not even a prudent one. I called the person who had adopted their brother many weeks ago. To my relief, things were going well. Django had bonded well with her.

We had to redefine their comfort zone and fast! A new routine was devised and with patience and consistency, they began adjusting really well. And now Ella is adopted and Miles is in a great foster home!

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