Thursday, February 9, 2012


Festus came to us years ago. He survived Hurricane Katrina as a young puppy, outside, alone and under a house. He was living in a really bad situation . He was getting food and water, but no love. For about 2 years, I would pass by and ask if they were ready to get him neutered. The answer was always no. Finally I passed by and asked again, with a smile of my face as usual. They said "Just take him!"

Festus had been living under a house, mostly being used as a doorbell and getting yelled at a lot.

He's has come a long way. He is still fearful but not nearly as bad a when he came to us. He enjoys his playgroup and he has a favorite volunteer who comes by to brush him and talk to him most every week.

For Christmas, USED DOGS got a little donation from England and there was a note with the donation that said "please can Festus have a little something nice for Christmas out of this , thank you"

So Festus got a special meal and a lovely lady that does healing energy work, came by to spend some time with Festus. She looked into his Akashic records.

I know people have a lot of different opinions about energy healing, but let me tell you, it really had a profound effect on Festus. AND the other dogs that were nearby!!

I never really liked the name Festus. He came to us with that name. But I could never really think of anything else, which is odd for me. But usually when I speak to him, I call him Festivus.

So this is the very sweet tale of Festus' Festivus!

He is still a very shy boy, but his confidence has grown a lot. He will be receiving more of the healing energy work. He is available for adoption.


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