Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WILLIS and Harvy

WILLIS and Harvey were found on the streets of New Orleans.

Willis came to us with the most severe case of demodex we had ever seen!

Found on a city street, right after a Tropical Storm,
Willis presented as a PARIAH, 

He was SO hideous looking, that we are certain that this sweet boy was shunned over and over again while just looking for a  friendly word or snack...Not even thinking that a home would EVER be in the cards for him!

Willis found and awesome Foster mom and after MANY months of TLC and treatment with his Foster family, Willis found a home.

And as it so often goes in rescue, as SOON as a home for Willis was found along came Harvey!

Poor Harvey seemed SO sad and was terribly matted. Years of matted fur and dirt.

Now Harvey calls himself a New Yorker and his new family adores him. We know that Harvey once had a home because from the very beginning, even when he was so so sad, he perked up whenever anyone picked up a leash!

Makes you really wonder what happened.

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