Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How these Schipperke/Pom mix puppies were rescued.


If you look up the definition of cute in the dictionary, there will most certainly be a photo of this litter of puppies! Oh my gosh, they are wonderful. We are most fortunate because we also know the parents; it is rare in rescue to know what both parents of puppies look like. The parents are only about 20 to 25 pounds, and appear to be Schipperke and Pomeranian mixes.


What a neat combination: Schipperkes were bred to be small guard dogs on the canal barges of Belgium; Pomeranians were originally sheep herders!

The mother is pure black (like a Schipperke) and the father is tri-colored.  Born in late August,he week before Hurricane Isaac, they are spayed/neutered, have their shots, are healthy and ready for their forever homes.



Now, I want to share more of this story with you, because it is rather unique and very rewarding for those of us who are involved in rescue. We were at an adoption event when a Vietnamese gentleman came up to us. His English was very limited, but it appeared he wanted to give us this litter of puppies. We explained to him that we don't take puppies at adoption events but, rather than leave him in a lurch, we set up a time to go to his home. 

When we arrived, we found not only a litter of puppies, but three adult dogs as well. It was also apparent that this dog loving man lived in a fairly isolated Vietnamese community. He wanted to keep his adult dogs, but asked us to take the puppies. As we talked, we found out that he had no idea that dogs could be spay/neutered! Wow, was he excited about that. And we were excited that he was excited! Too often people don't care about how many litters their dogs produce. That wasn't the case here. This man did not want to have the responsibility of puppies, and was thrilled to find out there was a solution. He simply did not have access to the information resources.  

Since then, all of the puppies have been spayed/neutered and are available for adoption. The adults will be spay/neutered next week and returned to their loving owner. This might not mean a lot to you, but in the world of rescue, this is a great victory; we know that the number of unwanted pets can best be addressed through spay/neuter. This is the perfect example!

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