Thursday, September 20, 2012

Off the CHAIN!!


Bear is off the chain also AND he is adopted!

Bear look for a home of his home.
Bear in his new family yard.

Bear with his Human Baby family member!

And it all started with Willis!

Willis came to us with the most severe case of demodex we had ever seen!

Found on a city street, right after a Tropical Storm. Willis presented as such a PARIAH, so hideous looking, that we are certain that this sweet boy was shunned over and over again while just looking for a  friendly word or snack...Not ever even thinking that a home would EVER be in the cards for him!

But after MANY months of TLC and treatment, Willis found a home.

Funny thing was, when bringing Willis to his new home we met Bear.

Bear on the chain saying hi to his neighbor.

Bear was Willis' neighborbor's dog. 

In the yard neighboring Willis' new home, Bear was on a chain. We soon came to find that Bear 's owner was AWOL. In prison. So Bear was released to Used Dogs. He was heartworm positive. After 6 months of rehab, Bear found a home of his own. he has been treated for heartworm and is officially clear and healthy!

And what do you know!!??
Bears's neighbor had yet another dog on a chain!!!

In comes George.

A few months of seeing how happy Bear was OFF THE CHAIN, George's family relinquished George to Used Dogs.

George had been on a chain for his WHOLE life. 
He had about lost his voice AND was so used to living in his own excrement that he still does not realize that he does not have to. George is improving every single day. And soon he will have a home of his own also!!!


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