Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Dog Patrol did their FIRST rescue this Summer!

Summer is over and we had a party to celebrate with The Dog Patrol. The Dog Patrol rescused their FIRST  dog in the beginning of the summer and learned what to do with a found dog. Fortunately for this senior dog, it was a very happy ending!

We started calling him Charlie, but when we found his owner we learned that his name was Puppy. He had lived with a big family his WHOLE life, until his owner's family had all gone off to start families of their own. Puppy's Dad was all on his own now and was eager to find Puppy. We are so happy that thru the LA-SPCA lost and found department, The Dog Patrol and USED DOGS were able to reunite Puppy with his person.

BUT, before we found Puppy's person, we HAD to wash him because he came to us SO SO smelly. He found something out in the world that I am imagining he enjoyed smelling like, but it was too much of an olfactory insult to us. SO, I suppose we insulted him right back by making him smell "nice" or less horrible. :))  He didn't love his bath, but he was ok with it. But at least he got more of the attention he wanted from the girls, because he wasn't so stinky. :)

Puppy REALLY missed his family and WHINED all night long for the 3 nights he was here. He enjoyed the girls during the day. Puppy's person said that when he got Puppy, his girls were still living at home, were about the same age as the Dog patrol is  and Puppy missed them now that they had grown up and left the nest.

Puppy is probably13- 14 years old. We are thrilled we found his Person so that Puppy and his Person can spend their golden years together. Puppy's Dad was beyond excited to get his PUPPY back!!

The Dog Patrol won't be here as much now that school in back in session. But hopefully they will be back for a weekend here or there. We had a really fun end of summer pool party.

Bye girls, and Aaron who photobombed in the back!!

Do great in school this year and THANKS for rescuing PUPPY!!

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  1. Great to see the Dog Patrol making a positive difference in Puppy's life. Great going girls!
    Looking forward to seeing the Dog Patrol entry for this years service challenge. Good luck girls!
    From Miss Liz