Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rabbit Adoptions, Reunited Puppies and A Big Thank You!

Hey everyone,

Wow! Isn't it amazing how one minute you feel like you've got everything under control and the next *bam!* you're going 90 mph! That's what it ha been like for the last couple of weeks. But don't get me wrong ~ it's all been good! Truthfully, I cannot believe the supportive response I have gotten to our new blog and Facebook page. We already have over 100 facebook fans, 300 blog views and 12 followers. I guess people really are interested in what we are doing! Who knew? Not me. Thank you. It has meant a great deal to me to know that people care.

A couple of great thing to bring you up to speed on. First, big news for small rabbit ~ Mae Fern has been adopted. She was so happy to leave us with Amey. Who could blame her? How would you like to be a rabbit living with all these dogs? Amey found us thru the House Rabbit Society. A big THANK YOU to June for letting Amey know that of all the rabbits in town Mae Fern needed a new home the most. That put Mae Fern ahead in the front of all the little baby bunnies!!

You remember Csaba, our little Rottweiler puppy? Guess what ~ we just rescued his sister, Zsolta. These two had been running the streets making it on their own. Someone caught Csaba but couldn't get Zsolta. But then, two weeks later, guess who was found trapped between two houses? Oh yeah, Zsolta! What was cool was how these two puppies acted when they saw each other again. They were so happy. I'll make a separate posting for Zsolta with more details, but I just had to share here!
I really need some financial help getting Csaba and Zsolta fixed. I don't have the funds to do it without their adoption fee, and I don't want to adopt them until they're fixed. See the Catch-22? If you can help just a little bit, that would be huge for me. I have a vet who is very reasonable but can't do it for free. You can use the Paypal button, but please let me know so I can thank you!
One more time, thank you to everyone who has joined us on Facebook and this blog, who encouraged their friends to do the same, and who sent me supportive posts and messages. Suddenly I no longer feel alone! You are the best!
~ Madalin


  1. You would know if there were any free spay/neuter programs out there. None? Also, since they are puppies can you wait and make appointment for the puppies after they are adopted using some of the adoption fee, or is that relying too much on the new owner to follow through? We do that with spay/neuter, micro-chip and license and so far everyone has kept their appointment. Of course puppy shots cannot wait and we have to go out of pocket for those.
    Love your work, you are a true Saint in NO.

  2. Hi James P! Thanks for the comment! Actually there are no free spay/neuter programs in New Orleans. The last one we had was the USED DOGS' spay/neuter program and we used up all of our funding after spay/neutering about 166 pit bulls. There are finally some other low cost options here now, but the waiting lists are really quite looooong. And you are right about relying too much on the new owner to follow thru with spay/neuter. While we do ALWAYS adopt to great people, my years of rescue have given me a little quirk. I can't seem to let a dog pass through my fingers without a little sneuter! I just make it my policy. No one goes till they are spay/neutered!! And you are right again about shots. They can't wait. These little guys were FULL of hook worms!! So, yup, it came out of pocket and I probably won't make it all back in the adoption fees...close but not quite. Gotta keep on hustling!