Sunday, August 15, 2010

Csaba - ADOPTED!!

Csaba has settled into his new home. He now lives with a very nice lady named Janice and her daughter.

From Csaba/Max's new home:

Hey Madalin,

Max is GREAT!He already sits on command, and follows me around wherever I go.
My younger daughter was in town this weekend, so now he has met her and knows she is family.

Janice found us on, one of over 20 websites that we just started posting on through Rescue Groups. I'm happy to say that Janice's phone call was not the only one generated by these new postings. Did I mention that it has gotten busy????

Csaba was reunited for a minute with his sister when I picked him up for their spay/neuter appointments. The were so thrilled to see each other again! However this photo was taken after they were all tuckered out from a massive play session!!

Anyway Csaba is all settled in at his new home! And by the way, don't call him Csaba anymore. His name is MAX!! So much for the Hungarian theme! LOL

But his sister Zsolta is still looking for the perfect picnic spot! She spent some time with me here after her Spay. She is a great little girl. Although she was shy when we first got her from between the houses, she learned how to get love FAST. She is loving and sweet and patient. She did great with her crate training. And she is really growing into her beauty! Lovely!

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