Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Csaba the Puppy ~ Adopted

Csaba is a precious little puppy. And I do mean little ~ some of these photos were taking with him standing on the kitchen counter. But don't be fooled ~ he's going to be a good size fella when he grows up.

He is such a little champion. We rescued him from the streets where he was trying to make it. Such a loving spirit, I adore the photo of him with his kitty. We all need a buddy, don't we? :) Well, maybe Csaba is meant to be your next buddy!

You can see additional photos of Csaba on his photo album.

7 August Update:

Csaba has a new home with Janice and her daughter. However, his sister Zsolta is still waiting for her home!

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  1. That's both happy news and sad news. I would have liked to adopt him, but it's good to hear that he's gone to a good home.