Saturday, July 3, 2010

Olga the Shepherd

Olga was one of nine puppies born in an abandoned house. Shortly afterward, the house caught on fire. The neighbor came out, not knowing what to do. As she stood there, she saw a momma dog emerge with a puppy in her mouth. The dog deposited the puppy on the neighbor's doorstep and then dashed back into the burning building. Over and over she repeated this until nine puppies lay safely at the door!

We have long since found homes for that brave momma and eight of her puppies (all named after gymnasts) but Olga still remains waiting, seven years later. She has developed into a petite, intelligent dog who has grown very attached to me. The feeling is mutual, but oh, I think she deserves a home of her own.

Olga has a lot of German Shepherd in her (I just couldn't help myself with the name!) but it is slightly softened by a touch of lab. Her diamond-shaped markings give her eyes an exotic and rather soulful look, but her heart is all gold. She isn't pushy and so has been overlooked by those who come to meet the dogs. They've missed a gem!


  1. I've been virtual fostering Olga via facebook. I've fallen in love with her, as she has such a beautiful face, and I'm sure if she could talk.... stories to tell. If I had the room, I would love to have her as a companion for both myself and my dog Shannah. I hope God lifts up someone to see the beauty in this girl. I keep putting her up on my facebook news feed. My name is Deb, I live in Massachusetts. I hope if someone finally gives her a home, I would be informed. I'd like to send a donation to help with some of her care. I don't have much, but every little bit helps. Love to Olga, Deb

  2. I am in the same situation as Deb as I, too, have been fostering Olga through Facebook's Save A Dog program since early July. You can just see from those beautiful eyes of hers that she is a sweet, loving dog. It pains me to see that month after month goes by and nobody has come to take Olga in their loving home. I live in Tennessee and have four dogs, two cats and two rabbits. If it was my choice, Olga would be part of our animal friendly family! Please keep both Deb and I informed of her adoption process and if there is anything that I can do for her in the meantime..please don't hesitate to contact me! Hugs and kisses to sweet Olga. Dar Castro in Corryton, TN

  3. I have been virtually fostering Olga for a while, too, and if there is ANY way that someone who reads this could help me with the transporting of her to where I live in Kentucky, I would GLADLY give her a home.
    I have one dog already that is an Australian Shepherd mix, and I live in an apartment, but I am allowed to have two pets, and this is a very nice place for dogs as well as a pet-friendly apartment complex.
    Fortunately, the apartment that I live in is right in front of the big field in our apartments, so it is very convenient for me to take my dog Cooper out for his walks (as well in a nice neighborhood for walking dogs).
    I have a couple physical disabilities & receive Social Security disability benefits, but I am able enough to care for my animals & myself, and I stay home with them (I had a cat for over 5 years but sent him to live with my sister after continued behavioral problems after I'd had him neutered).
    My current dog is very outgoing & would benefit so much from having another dog in the house, and several of my neighbors have dogs (there are two next door), so Olga would be welcome here.

  4. (2 of 2)
    My only problem is that I am unable to drive to get her or pay to have her transported to me. If this had happened even just two years ago, not only could I have paid to get her, but I could have even driven to Louisiana to pick her up, but right now, I am trying to catch up some bills after having broken my leg last January, and I have parked my car for the moment because of its not having current tags nor insurance.
    I have a loving & supportive family, though, and they are helping me with my expenses as well as taking me where I need to go, but my heart is breaking about not being able to bring Olga home.
    Again if there is anyone who reads this that could help, I would greatly appreciate it.
    The thought of her waiting for a home when I could give her one is killing me inside, and like all kids, Cooper does not understand why Mommy has been so sad for the last few months. I love him dearly, though, and I take good care of him; it would just mean so much to me if they had each other as I was the single mom of an only child, so I know what it is like for a child to not have a brother or sister; plus, I was put in situations growing up like Olga where I was without a home or my parents/siblings for long periods of time, and I know there is a connection between us.
    I try to do what I can to help animals anyway, and I love them all, but I am realistic & do not believe in hoarding anymore than neglect, so I do want it stated again that I would give Olga the necessary care & love that would be required. Cooper had a lot of separation anxiety when I got him, and he still struggles with some abandonment issues, and I take whatever time is needed to reassure him that I love him & am here for him.
    I can be reached on facebook at or at my email account.

  5. i have been trying to contact the shelter to adopt her and have yet to get a hold of anyone or been contacted i really have fallen in love w/ her and would to adopt her

  6. i have been trying to contact the shelter for a few weeks now to try and adopt her but haven gotten any response. i have fallen in love w/ her on facebook and really hope to hear something soon. i cant imagine her being in a shelter for 7yrs

  7. Madalin Laurie BernardJanuary 17, 2011 at 3:56 PM

    Hello ALL! I believe I have spoken to anonymous several times. I very much appreciate everybody's love for Olga. And I suppose it is due to the fact that, in Olga's youth, we did not have all these networks on the internet for animals, but i sure do wish she had gotten this kind of attention several years ago. She is a great dog, but certainly not without her quirks. She DOES NOT like cats!!! And she is a very clever escape artist. I would love to find her a home, however I do not feel it would be appropriate to send her off long distance at her age. I do do long distance adoptions, but I don't feel it would be right for Olga. She is doing well here. She IS NOT in a cage of any kind all the time. SHe is crated sometimes, but she loves her crate. Most the time she spends with volunteers, playgroups and me. Thanks SO MUCH for all of your OLga LOVE!!

  8. I am so happy to read your comment, as I too have been virtually fostering Olga. I have done this with several others who have since been adopted, and I was getting very worried about her. Now, I can keep fostering without the all the worry. Thank you so much!
    Sandi (Tennessee)

  9. It is so good to see from the comments that Olga is doing well! Thank you so much, Madalin, for posting your comment as you can see that that sweet dog has many faithful followers! I can understand that you do not wish to transport Olga over a long distance as I was one of those that inquired after her in this way. Although, I see that adoption by me wouldn't be possible as we own two cats currently, and I see that Olga doesn't like them. So, I will continue to virtually foster her, keep an eye on her progress, and pray that someone she will find that loving forever home. Bless you for all the kind work that you do!
    Dar Castro (Corryton, TN)

  10. I see that Olga is a special needs dog, but I cannot find any information about what her special needs are exactly. She absolutely breaks my heart to see her sad face up for adoption still. I am very interested in her and want to know her specific needs!

  11. She has been my virtual foster for months...I have contacted another Humane Society to see if she can't be transported to give her a better shot at adoption...I wish I could ,but we don't have the room to be fair to hear!


  13. *I already wrote one comment, but I wasn't signed into my gmail account when I tried to post it, so what I wrote was erased. In short, I just want to thank you, Madalin, for what you do & the update about Olga. Also, I hope that the last "anonymous" post leads to a happy union & forever home in some way, but I am comforted that Olga is happy & is leading a full life where she is currently as well. Thanks to everyone who loves this dog & has shown interest & concern for her. ...and the last thing that I wanted you (Madalin) to know is what an inspiration you are & that this particular dog has been in my life; what I said in my attempted post was that she has made me a "better doggy mommy," and that could not be more true. =) I look forward to hearing more of your continued efforts as well as Olga's endeavors. :) Take Care / Best Wishes ALWAYS. @};-

  14. Madalin,

    Thank you for your update on Olga. My heart has been breaking for her thinking she is stuck in a cage all day and night and not knowing what it would be like to be loved by people and a family. After reading your postI do feel better about her, because in reality you have and the other resurers have become her family. I had been trying to figure out how to get her and bring her to my home in Inidana to give her a forever home. Just so she would be able to experience what it is to be part of a family with lots of love for her. I have been virtually fostering her off and on for a long time now and I cry every time I read her story. not I do not have to because I know she is loved by you. But the kind of life she would have with us is we have 4 dogs (which I consider my kids). I have a german shephard, rott., and two shepwillers. They live inside. I cook them breakfast every morning, we go for walks in the evenings. They are treated like children not animals. Some people do not understand why i treat them so good, but in my opinion they give back just as much if not more to me in return. And yes I do love them and could find in my heart to love another just as much. We also have a fenced in yard about 3/4 acre for them to play in. Thank you for listening and taking care of all the animals and giving us an update on Olga.

  15. There are rescue transports operating continually across the country: Seek out local rescue organizations for assistance in transporting her to you!

    The nine rescued companions that currently comprise my forever home have come to me from AZ (2), CA (2), MO (1), MN (1), OH (1), and WI (2).. the latest arrival, flying 2,000 miles from LAX to MSP, then driving the last 200 miles home - here in northern Minnesota...

    Have a reputable rescue (a 501(c)(3), preferably) perform a home-visit in preparation for long-distance adoptions, so that the sending shelter or rescue has some manner by which to evaluate your situation, as no reputable shelter or rescue will send a rescued companion off to an "unknown quantity" without having performed such a study: Having been saved from abuse, abandonment, or dire circumstances already due diligence dictates that every conceivable effort must be expended to assure that they will NEVER AGAIN be place in such compromising situations.

    That said, there ARE rescues and shelters that refuse (through protectionist or territorial imperatives) to even consider "long-distance" placements... even if such a tragically myopic policy inures to the detriment of their companion animals, desperately seeking homes.

    I have been blessed to work with countless rescues around the nation, and overcome numerous such objections to create a loving, safe home for the nine companions to whom I have promised "forever"... and can assure you that there is no greater reward for such extraordinary efforts than to have their loving, happy, secure faces eager to continually share appreciative "kisses" , and offer up their contented sighs in quiet moments of shared closeness....

  16. is Olga still available for adoption? im in NOLA. Please contact me if she is still available. 504-259-5775. She has caught my heart and i would love to give her a good home.

  17. hello all I have never done this before but I have never felt pain in my heart the way I felt it when I looked at Olga's face. I'm glad to hear she has been doing well. I would love to adopt Olga but we live in Rhode Island and that's to far for her to be sent. I do want to say that I fully appreciated all of the rescue league's for all of their hard work and efforts to all animal and trying to find them a better life. I try to show support in going to animal shelters and providing supplies to them as they need help with all of the hard work they do. And the one's who appreciate it most are the animals. Go to a shelter, see what they need and if you can help. If you can't adopt of rescue there are so many other ways of showing your love to them. The shelters I have gone to I walk the dogs, and play with the cats/kittens. The little time that you show to them the more hope they feel.

  18. After reading these messages I wonder if Olga did, indeed, get adopted?

  19. hi I live metairie I own my home and have a large fenced in yard and would love to adopt olga please call me at 504-261-9130