Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lily the Bull Terrier ~ Adopted!

Lily is a great little Bull Terrier. She loves people, is very smart and affectionate, and her favorite napping spot is your lap. Having obviously been neglected, she craves attention and prefers to be with you at all times. However, she is very good when left alone as long as she has some toys to play with or a bone to chew on.

Lily gets along well with other dogs and appears tolerant of cats. She is house-trained and has learned to walk on a leash. She is still very puppy-like and loves to play fetch or run with her toys from one end of the yard to the other.

September 3rd Update:

I'm happy to say that sweet Lily has been adopted.... by her foster family. Sadly, their own dog passed away and left a big hole in their heart. Fortunately Miss Lily was right there to help them through their loss. They quickly realized that they already had their next dog!

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