Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stanya the Lab

I understand that everyone has good times and bad times, but what I don't understand is people who just abandoned their pets. That's what happened to Stanya. Her owners moved away and left her and her sister in the backyard. What were they thinking. A whole week went by before a neighbor called me and asked me to help. What could I say but yes? Fortunately Stanya's sister has found a home, but this pumpkin is still waiting.

Really Stanya should be easy to adopt. She has a very sweet, even temperament and does great with both children and dogs. If she has a fault, it is that she is a bit lazy, but when you are talking "Lab" that is more of a miracle than a fault!

I think that Stanya is the perfect dog for more people than they realize. She doesn't demand a lot of exercise (we only think we want to jog with our dog), she isn't so smart that she is always planning The Great Escape (why get a dog that can come up with creative ideas when bored?) but she isn't so dumb that she doesn't understand that the mailman is allowed to come to the door! She is a right-down-the-middle kinda dog, mellow, easy going and oh-so-pretty!

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