Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guillermo the Shepherd

Guillermo ( Memo is his nickname!) is a very charming dog. He is a favorite with the vet techs, and that tells you a lot since they see so many dogs! What is it about him? I call it contagious joie de vive. (For those of you who forgot everything you learned in French class, that's Joy of Life) Guillermo is just a very happy, spunky, playful, energetic puppy. He gets along with most other dogs but has an undue fascination with birds, so to be cautious, I think we'll skip homes with birds, cats or other small pets! He also enjoys his quiet time in his crate, a real blessing with a dog. Sadly, Guillermo has never really had a close relationship with a person of his own until he came here. He's eager to start a forever one. One who will understand him Any takers?
Memo was found during Hurricane Katrina with his pal Poncho. Poncho has been adopted, but Memo is STILL WAITING :(

A volunteer favorite, this is what Hazel has to say about Memo:

"Memo gives me so much love. When I visit, I feel that he isn't looking for the treats; He is looking for me! Sometimes he ignores the goodies I bring because he is just wanting to lick me and love me and tell me he is happy to see me. Pretty much all dogs are capable of great love and loyalty, but I believe that when Memo gives his heart, it is given forever. After visiting, I always think to myself that, of all the dogs --all of whom I love-- Memo was happiest to see me."

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