Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kate the Corgi

There's just something about Kate! You would think a dog with her background and her health issues would be a grumpy-gus, but not so. Instead, she is a little clown!

Kate survived on her own living in a large wooded area. Well, not totally on her own. The guys at the auto shop that abutted the property fed her and did what they could, but they couldn't stop her from breeding. And boy, did she breed! After I rescued her third litter for a total of 23 puppies, I really felt like I needed to stop this cycle. My reluctance was do to the belief that she was feral, and feral dogs are usually euthanized. What to do? What to do! Well, I found a vet who agreed to spay her, no matter how feral she was!!! So I trapped her, only to realize she was not at all feral, just abandoned. Joy!

Needless to say, Kate had a bit of a recovery period, not just from being spayed, but from the trauma of having been abandoned and forced to make it on her own. But she is such a litter trooper, she pulled it all together and became the affectionate family dog that she had obviously once been. Imagine my distress when, after all that, she started having health problem with her back legs. We did acupuncture and aquatherapy, and she got a lot better. But unless someone really special comes along, I expect that I will probably just have until she dies because she is incontinent. Now, I know that there are special people, ones who will go the extra mile for that special pet, and it is my hope that Kate will be found ~ she deserves it!

Let me share with you one of my favorit
e "Kate" stories. When her leg problems first acted up, they were pretty severe. In fact, her back legs were paralyzed. I took her to the vet where she spent the night in one of their crates. Or at least, that's what they thought. Somehow, this clever little survivor figured out how to get out of the crate, pulled herself into the front waiting room and feasted all night on the bags of dog food they had displayed for sale. When the staff arrived the next morning, there was Kate, surrounded by torn bags. It was quite obvious which brand she preferred ~ it had a big ol' hole and a significant amount was eaten. That was one happy puppy!

In the meanwhile, Kate is happy and spunky as can be! She has so much fun out in the yard everyday. She runs the playgroup she is in. She is SO FUNNY. One time, when she was at the animal hospital, basically with two back legs that weren't working, she managed to get out of the vet's cage at night and traipsed around the vet office, sampling from all the dog food bags they had out for sale in the waiting area!!! They could tell which brand she like best, because that bag had the most food missing with the biggest hole in it. She had just taken little samples from the other bags!! Kate is my volunteer Hazel's FAVORITE!! They have a lot of fun together. One day I hope that Kate will light a spark in someone's heart and find her forever home!

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