Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 was a very productive year for Used Dogs.  

Happy endings for dogs on chains. Happy endings for a pair of severely injured animals, Louie and Sofia. Happy endings for two dogs found after having been out in the elements on their own for a very long time. And happy endings for 2 litters of very at risk puppies, both of which turned out to be  happy endings for more than even just the puppies, but also for 4 other dogs involved. So now, countless hundreds of unwanted pets from just those two situations will never happen. Used Dogs is at  22 adoptions and counting for 2012.

We had our first Kid’s Camp and made it thru made it thru Hurricane Isaac. The Kid’s Camp was fantastic, but in spite of all our repairs, a set of the kennels are still not 100% and will eventually require replacement and some top redesigns. 

We also got lots of photos from previous adoptors! We LOVE that!!

But rescue, for me,  is not just about what we do for the animals and not even about what they do for us, but about the amazing lessons they teach me. This year we lost an amazing  dog  who was the reason Used Dogs has been able to use playgroups so well for over the last 10 years. And countless other dogs here teach me more and more everyday. I used that knowledge this year to do lots of  surrender intervention, so that fewer dogs end up in high kill shelters.

Please help us to keep up this work. DONATE, by going to the donate button on the right side of the blog if you can. We still have vet bills due and several dogs waiting for treatment. 

We also have some fantastic plans for 2013. Come volunteer and be a part of them. Be a foster parent. Fostering REALLY helps the dogs get adopted sooner and can be a really rewarding experience.

Please think about the pets that are still here this Holiday Season waiting for their forever homes. They would love special treats. They like bully sticks and toys that don’t have the stuffing. Ok, they like they stuffing. I don’t. LOL

Due to the problems with tainted dog treats/foods perhaps a Petco or Petcetera gift card would be best. But we do like Peanut butter (regular human kind) and we use Blue Buffalo dog food, Purina Pro Plan and Colorado naturals treats!

We really need: martingale collars (M/L/XL), “size right”dog harnesses (M/L/XL), leashes, Small/Med dog houses, Med/Large/Extra Large Dog crates.

We can never have enough Bleach, mops,brooms, pooper scoopers, contractor trash bags, hand soap, paper towels. 

We also can ALWAYS use recycled towels and blankets.

Please think of us this Holiday!

Thanks so much- 

Used Dogs

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